Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LA Wrap-Up

We had an amazing time in LA!!

We made new friends...

Jen & Shot in the Dark's Adrian Grenier

Actress Clea DuVall & musician Samantha Maloney

Partied with our own entourage:

Billy & his mom Penny Price-Baker
Billy & Production Coordinator Nina Chaudhuri

Won the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Documentary...

(like YOU wouldn't make a face standing next to Clint Eastwood and Dustin Hoffman!)
Also pictured, Tony Bennett & Chris Eska, winner of the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Narrative for his first feature August Evening

and drummed up some more buzz for the film...
"Everyone I know who sees it tells other people to see it. It's totally a word-of-mouth experience," Hot Docs programmer Sean Farnel tells Gina Piccalo in the Los Angeles Times. The film is SXSW jury prize-winner Billy the Kid.
-- Green Cine Daily

"Watching this documentary is an exercise in restraint -- the restraint not to write down everything that Billy says."
-- Cinematical's Monika Bartyzel

More than just a star, Billy himself is equally director, producer and editor of this film. His choices on what to say, when to say it, how he says it or whether he says it all determine the course, ebb and flow of this sensitive documentary....The result is a vibrantly real film that both imitates and creates art, a film that only the most jaded and cynical could deem rubbish.
--Naomi Wiggins' review on IFA.com

“Billy the Kid” is like a snapshot into the life of a social outcast and it’s a great film. We see the good sides and the ugly side but it’s the honest sides of both that make the film work.
--Don Lewis' Film Threat review

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the film!!!

Director/Producer Jennifer Venditti, Billy Price-Baker & Producer Chiemi Karasawa


Ewww said...

Clea Duvall is a goon! Super-gross.

Anonymous said...

Clea Duvall is super hot and talented. Rock on cool women in film!!!