Thursday, January 17, 2008


Thanks so much to RachelJacobson, the whole film streams gang, and the community. Your support and understanding of the film filled me with joy & inspiration. Below is just one example of the many lovely letters I have received.

Ms Venditti,
Thank you again for bringing your movie to Omaha last night!
Your eyes and Billy are truly a venue thru which transformation can take place, allowing a person
to see inside the lives of those that they can not find themselves in. ( There is a little
Billy in all of us, Billy just lets the truth shine out where the rest of us have learned to hide it to please others
and not ourselves) You allow the viewer that connection with that "other", thru you the can now embrace Billy's diversity and not see it as
something to be feared . this is all possible by seeing through your eyes. A higher being bestows us with gifts for or time on this planet and you have yours, Billy has his family have theirs and what a beautiful way to combine all of those gifts. Thank you
for having the insight to make this movie about Billy and not just another movie about "IT",Asperger Syndrome.
A beautiful person by the name of Bill Stillman has brought our family the gift of these views and you've got it also !
You did not define Billy as an "IT" no person wants to be "IT" they only want to be loved , its basic human nature. Human kind
turns it around and gives a label and makes a person the" IT". That feared and dreaded thing, something defective,
something we would wish not to have or associate with. This is not what Billy or any child or person is ,and you captured that!
you have the views and ideas that a diagnosis is by definition the framework to explain a behavior or a atypical attribute, not a person You
did not make your film about a behavior you made it about Billy..kudos'!!! You ask the viewer to see Billy for himself
and not to judge him for his intellect or for his limitations, just his unique and wonderful gifts that he brings to all of those
around him.You show that there are no limitations and boxes that Billy is Infinite ,if WE will let him grow to his potential
and wow what an amazing potential!!! Thank you for helping to remove that line of US and THEM for Billy and the
viewers. You could not define Billy if you had all night, Only Billy can! and you allowed him a venue and a voice Kudos, Kudos, Kudos and thank you again
for allowing viewer to see beyond societies way of labeling and in turn look at a persons humanity.

People had questions of who, what, when, where and why last night that you made short and sweet.again kudos cause you got it! It is just as simple as that Billy his family wake up every morning and just move forward putting their pants on one leg at a time and seeing what the world
brings to your plate that day! In raising four children everyday that's my motto and three of those with their uniqueness
bring me insight and joy everyday that I would not see if I looked for their problems issues and cures on a daily basis
I enjoy each one for who THEY are.

Thank you very much! keep looking at the world through YOUR eyes and rebel against that rising tide of conformity! It may
not pay in dollars but I think the other rewards you reap can't touch what money brings. so..... keep on keepin on!


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